A downloadable game for Windows

The game is about a diver that explores a sunken ship. He only sees the reality through his light.

NightMer was developed during the french Fantastic Game Jam 2015. "Mer" means "sea" in french.

Subject of GameJam: "Horror beneath the sea"


- The game uses the left key (or A) and right key (or D) to move the character.
- Use the space bar to jump.
- You need to use your mouse to reveal the hidden traps and kill enemies.

Developer's note:

The last day of the Game Jam, we encountered several integration problems. We had broken files (prefabs & scenes) and missing data (properties). We decided to cut 2 levels to have enough time to fix the game before the end of the Game Jam. Unfortunately, we did not have time to fix everything and had to show the game within the Unity Editor. So we patched game-breaking bugs after the Game Jam to make it finishable. We did not add the missing content.


NightMer.rar 26 MB


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Pretty neat, if a little short. Cool art style.